Our second annual summer camp for college bound Christian teens, ReThink College Camp, will take place Tues, July 16 – Fri, July 19, 2024 at Saint Louis University in Saint Louis, MO! Last summer, we gave 50+ serious students the chance to engage in impactful conversations, make strategic connections, and experience campus life at the oldest university west of the Mississippi River. This summer, we intend to do the same. 

2023 Student Survey Highlights: 

60% of incoming students said they came to camp with big questions and/or pressing doubts about Christianity.

71% of outgoing students said their big questions and/or pressing doubts were addressed and adequately answered during camp.

7/10 was the final average for student overall confidence level in “personally defending Christianity” and “answering tough questions”, a 15% increase from their initial average confidence level. (0 no confidence / 10 max confidence)

92% of students were interested in coming back in 2024! 

Student Interviews

ReThink College Camp 


July 16-19, 2024
(4 Days 3 Nights)

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Saint Louis University
(Saint Louis, MO)

Appropriate Ages:
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2024 Camp Topics:

Tuesday 7/16

ReThink Your Personal Testimony 
Personal testimony as an evidence for Christianity

Featuring: Jeremy Smith 

ReThink Anxiety, Depression, & Mental Health
Hoping, coping, & healing in Christ
Featuring: Gina Birkemeier

Wednesday 7/18

Why Trust The Old & New Testament? 
Copies, canon, context, and critics
Featuring: Dr. Kirk Clayton, Dr. Mike Farley, & Shane Rosenthal

ReThink Jesus of Nazareth
Liar, lunatic, legend, or lord? 
Featuring: Dr. Matthew Heckel, Dr. Rachel Fergusson, & Shane Rosenthal

At the Center of It All
What is the Gospel & why does Jesus matter to everything else we’re talking about?
Featuring: Mark Ryan

ReThink The Problem of Evil & Suffering
Theodicies, questions, answers, & objections
Featuring: Dr. Mike Carper, Dr. Rachel Fergusson, & Mark RyanThursday 7/18

Diversity as a Defense
The apologetic value of theological, racial, ethnic, & economic diversity in the Church
Featuring: Herman Armstrong, Brandon Boos, & James Fowlkes-Comninellis

Youth & Young Adult Ministry in 3-D
ReThink Deconstruction, deconversion, & dissaffiliation from the Church
Featuring: Brandon Boos

ReThink The Birds & The Bees
Theology of the body, basic biology, & human flourishing
Featuring: Dr. Larry Feingold, Kyle Keating, Stephen Moss, & Jannique Stewart  

ReThink Beauty, Art, & Creativity
Beauty as clue to God’s nature and involvement in the world 
Featuring: Dr. Larry Feingold, Melissa McKinney, & Amanda Lennon

Special Evening Event: Art Encounter in Sinquefield State Room
Featuring: Melissa McKinney & Amanda Lennon

Friday 7/19

A.I. or “I AM” ?
Making sense of intelligence, artificial & otherwise
Featuring: Dr. Matthew Bardowell, Dr. David Lee, Jeannie Seabaugh, & Dr. Andrew Shaw

Self Centered Spirituality
The modern rise of gnosis, myth, & magic
Featuring: Dr. Michael McClymond

How Shall We Then Live? 
Practical, prayerful, & personal apologetics application
Featuring: James Fowlkes-Comninellis, Dr. Michael McClymond, & Cordell Schulten

2024 Camp Speakers:

Herman Armstrong, MBA, MTS, CSML
Restore St. Louis, Kathairo Solutions

Matthew Bardowell, PhD
Missouri Baptist University

Gina Birkemeier, MAC, LPC (PhD Candidate)
Author, Generations Deep

Brandon Boos
Faith Lutheran Church Oakville 

Michael Carper, PhD
Fontbonne University

Rev. Kirk Clayton, PhD
Concordia Chicago

Michael Farley, MDIV, PhD
Central Presbyterian Church, Covenant Theological Seminary

Dr. Lawrence Feingold, STD, STL
Kenrick Glennon Seminary

Rachel Ferguson, PhD
Concordia Chicago, ReThink315 Advisory Board

James Fowlkes-Comninellis
Director, Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs

Matthew Heckel, PhD
Heritage Classical Christian Academy, Covenant Theological Seminary, Missouri Baptist University

Kyle Keating, MDIV
Providence Classical Christian Academy

David Lee, PhD
Missouri Baptist University, Popcorn Theology Podcast

Amanda Lennon, MA
Art Encounters

Michael McClymond, MA, PhD
Saint Louis University, ReThink315 Advisory Board

Melissa McKinney, MA, MDIV
Art Encounters

Stephen Moss, MDIV
CrossRoads Counseling Centers

Shane Rosenthal, MA
The Humble Skeptic Podcast, ReThink315 Advisory Board

Mark P. Ryan, MA, MDIV
Sage Christianity, The Missional Training Center, Calvin Theological Seminary, ReThink315 Advisory Board

Jeannie Seabaugh
Mercer Advisors, Former Chemist, ReThink315 Board

Cordell Schulten, MA, JD
Missouri Baptist University, ReThink315 Advisory Board

Andrew D. Shaw, PhD
Westminster Christian Academy

Jeremy R. Smith
ReThink315 Founder, Executive Director

Jannique Stewart
Life Training Institute, ReThink315 Advisory Board


Student Survey Results

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Sponsor A Young Adult Volunteer! 

These young adults are committing a substantial chunk their summer vacation to training, leading small groups,
equipping students, and generally helping with our camp. Please pray for them as they prepare for a long week!

John Claude Coffman
Forest Park Bible Church, St. Louis, MO

Goal: $350 (Fully Funded!)

“I’m interested in serving at the Rethink College Camp because it seems like a valuable ministry. While I believe it is important to have firm biblical convictions, I also believe that it is necessary to be informed about the views and ideas that differ from your own so that you can accurately test them with Scripture. If our goal in life is to make disciples of Christ, then we must be able to intelligently interact with those God has put before us. The power to save is in the gospel, but we need to be ready to clear away any intellectual stumbling blocks that might give people trouble growing to know the Lord. I hope that by being a volunteer at this camp, I can in some way help those attending grow in their knowledge of Scripture and what they believe about it.

Jeffery McMillan
Christ Fellowship Bible Church, St. Louis, MO

Goal: $350 (Fully Funded!)

I like serving at Rethink College Camp because it gives me an opportunity to know what the next generation believes about Jesus. One of my favorite parts of camp last year was how often I was able to connect with students to see how Jesus was impacting their lives. I also enjoyed interacting with students who were struggling with their beliefs. It was such a helpful lesson in how to have beneficial gospel conversations. ReThink315 really fosters a healthy environment to ask questions. We’re also exposing students to the types of conversations that they’ll have when they get to college. Doing all this on a college campus adds a tremendous amount of preparation for the future.

Brandon Johnson
Reach Church, St. Louis, MO

Goal: $350 (Fully Funded!)

During my sophomore year of high school, I struggled to make friends and struggled to apply my Christian faith in the real world. That summer, I went to an apologetics camp that Jeremy and his team ran, and everything changed. The encouraging, Biblical atmosphere with leaders and fellow students was better than anything else I had experienced. My faith and confidence skyrocketed after that, and I’ll always be grateful. I have volunteered and will continue to volunteer for ReThink315 to sow into the students in the same way that I was sowed into.

Anna Schaible
Immanuel Lutheran Church, Washington, MO

Goal: $350 (Fully Funded!)

I am so excited to volunteer at ReThink College Camp because I believe it is the most impactful Christian camp in the St. Louis area. It is the perfect place for anyone with questions about how the Christian faith relates to our 21st century lives to find answers in an environment that cares about the students. As a college student, I can attest to the camp questions and talking points coming up frequently on campus. It is so reassuring to have the answers and examples of other Christians in those situations. What we learn here provides a sense of confidence, and I am very excited to be involved in this organization that has provided answers for so many students!


JJ Simon
Element Church, Wentzville, MO

Goal: $350 (Fully Funded!)

I’ve been hanging out with Jeremy and the team for almost 10 years! I first attended camp as a student then later specialized in student small group facilitation and leadership training. I’m passionate about apologetics, evangelism, and equipping the next generation and I am excited to volunteer again at this impactful camp. Outside of volunteering with ReThink315, I love to facilitate conversations with students of all ages to discuss their interests and beliefs through meaningful relationships. I love playing football, piano, and traveling with friends and family.


Grace Smith
Main Street Church, St. Charles, Mo

Goal: $350 (Fully Funded!)

I believe Rethink College Camp is important because apologetics breaks down the lies society and the enemy tells us. This challenge to my own way of thinking was really important in developing my faith throughout high school. I would like to support students who have questions and want to engage in intelligent conversations. I’m 21 years old and was adopted from China. I enjoy video games, tabletop RPG’s, and music.

Dani Jo Stevenson
First Baptist Church, House Springs, MO

Goal: $350 (Fully Funded!)

This camp is so important to me because the world is full of young people desperate to know Christ. The students that come through this camp are the next generation of disciples and leaders. It’s our job to help equip them in the truth of God’s word. Jesus didn’t go out and find great leaders and disciples, He found faithful, available, and teachable people who He trained and commissioned. We are all part of the great commission and if we truly want to serve God we must first know God. Yes, this camp helps answer the tough apologetics questions but even more so it helps prepare students to answer the tough questions on their own. 


Larissa Wells
Expansion Church, St. Louis, MO

Goal: $350 (Fully Funded!)

As a former student, these camps taught me that faith isn’t about having blind belief without asking questions, but that asking difficult questions is actually necessary to building strong faith. I’m so glad I had a place to ask questions without judgment and receive educated answers about complicated topics.I’ve been serving as a volunteer for the last few years and can’t wait to come back and volunteer again! 

Hannah Nehring

Goal: $350 

My name is Hannah Nehring. I first heard about apologetics while I was taking a logic class in JR. High.I thought it was so cool that we as christians can use logic to communicate our faith in Jesus Christ. At the same time we were studying Acts, and it shocked me to find how often Paul used Syllogisms. Since then, I have had to decide multiple times why I believe what I believe. Especially now, when so many students are leaving their faith within the first year of college, I think it is not only necessary but imperative to equip our youth with the tools they need to defend their faith and own it for themselves.




"I travel and meet people in ministry around the world, and I can tell you that Jeremy Smith is a rare guy. He has a heart for the next generation, a love for the local church, and the experience to help people who love students to more effectively reach and disciple them. I expect great things from Jeremy and the team at ReThink315."

— Sean McDowell, Ph.D.
Author, Speaker, Associate Professor of Christian Apologetics at Biola University

"If you found out that 75% of your current customers left for a competitor, would that cause you to rethink your approach? Well, that’s how many young people leave the church, often because they don’t get adequate answers to their questions... I can’t recommend the ReThink315 team highly enough!"
— Frank Turek, Ph.D. 
Author, Speaker, Founder and President of

"Jeremy Smith has years of valuable experience in this critical area of preparing the next generation to stand firm in their faith. The challenges of an often hostile secular culture will only get stronger with time, so I’m thrilled to see Jeremy and his team form this exciting vision for attacking the challenges head-on!"

— Natasha Crain
Speaker and Author of three apologetics books for parents, including Talking with Your Kids about Jesus

"The mission of the church is clear: go and make disciples. We need to raise up a new generation of disciples who not only heed Christ’s call, but can do so with truth and love in a world that is desperate for both. And that’s why we need more organizations like ReThink315."

— Brett Kunkle
Author, Speaker, Founder and President of MAVEN


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