ReThink College Camp Discounts & Scholarships

Several ReThink315 supporters donate funds annually to help incentivize participation in their church or group. Others donate to make this impactful event more affordable to families in need. You can use a discount code or apply for a scholarship by following the instructions below.

NOTE: Discount codes and scholarships cannot be used at the same time. Please do not fill out the scholarship form at the bottom of this page unless you are applying for a 1/2 off scholarship. 

ReThink College Camp Discounts

INSTRUCTIONS: For $50 off tuition, enter the appropriate discount code below when you register your student here. There will be a prompt at the end of the form. Codes cannot be doubled but you can use the same code for multiple students. 

All Home Educating Families: HOME
Acts 29 Network: A29
Assemblies of God: AOG
Chesterfield Presbyterian Church: CPC
Child Evangelism Fellowship: CEF
Christian Businessmen’s Connection: CBMC
Christian High School: CHS
Concerned Women for America: CWA
Entrusting The Faith: ETF
Evangelical Free Church: EFREE
Evangelical Presbyterian Church: EPC
Faith Church (Oakville, LCMS): FCO
First Light Ministries: FIRST
Great Summit Podcast Listeners: LEADER
Heritage Classical Christian Academy: HCCA
Legacy Builders: LBSTL
Liberty Christian Affiliates: LCA
Lutheran Church Missouri Synod: LCMS
Main Street Church: MAIN
Mamma Bear Apologetics: MBA
Man In The Mirror: MIRROR
Mark Project Affiliates: MPA
Presbyterian Church in America: PCA
Providence Classical Christian Academy: PCCA
Ratio Christi: RATIO
Redemption Community Church: RCC
Reasonable Faith (All Chapters): RFC
Reasons To Believe (All Chapters): RTB
Rooted Sisters: RS2023
Solid Rock Lectures: SOLID
Southern Baptist Convention: SBC
Stacy’s Girls: STACY
Strong Tower Ranch: STR
Surge Network: SURGE
Trinity Classical Academy: TCA
The Carver Project: CARVER
The Family Vision: TFV
The Gospel Coalition (All Chapters): TGC
The Humble Skeptic Affiliates: THS
The Pillar Foundation: TPF
Valley Park Chapel: VPC
Westminster Christian Academy: WCA



ReThink College Camp Scholarships

INSTRUCTIONS: For a 50% off scholarship, complete the submission form below. We will review and contact you when approved. After approval, be sure to register your student and send your check. Please do not use a discount code if you applied for a scholarship. 

Scholarship Application Form:

    PLEASE NOTE: If you are registering multiple students you will need to complete separate Parent/Student Questionnaire forms for each. Questions must be answered by a parent or guardian for students under 18. This information will be kept confidential.

    Parent/Guardian Information

    Student Information



    "I travel and meet people in ministry around the world, and I can tell you that Jeremy Smith is a rare guy. He has a heart for the next generation, a love for the local church, and the experience to help people who love students to more effectively reach and disciple them. I expect great things from Jeremy and the team at ReThink315."

    — Sean McDowell, Ph.D.
    Author, Speaker, Associate Professor of Christian Apologetics at Biola University

    "If you found out that 75% of your current customers left for a competitor, would that cause you to rethink your approach? Well, that’s how many young people leave the church, often because they don’t get adequate answers to their questions... I can’t recommend the ReThink315 team highly enough!"
    — Frank Turek, Ph.D. 
    Author, Speaker, Founder and President of

    "Jeremy Smith has years of valuable experience in this critical area of preparing the next generation to stand firm in their faith. The challenges of an often hostile secular culture will only get stronger with time, so I’m thrilled to see Jeremy and his team form this exciting vision for attacking the challenges head-on!"

    — Natasha Crain
    Speaker and Author of three apologetics books for parents, including Talking with Your Kids about Jesus

    "The mission of the church is clear: go and make disciples. We need to raise up a new generation of disciples who not only heed Christ’s call, but can do so with truth and love in a world that is desperate for both. And that’s why we need more organizations like ReThink315."

    — Brett Kunkle
    Author, Speaker, Founder and President of MAVEN


    To read more endorsements from pastors, professors, and ministry leaders, CLICK HERE.