Early in my Christian journey, I thought that Bible-believing Christians only had one option in terms of how they interpret Genesis 1-3 and explain the particulars of our origin story. Over the years, through personal study and partnerships with 100’s of different churches, institutions, and organizations, I’ve concluded that faithful and intelligent Bible-believing Christians can and do have different perspectives and positions on these matters. (And that’s alright.)

If we did our job well, over 300 people (200+ live, 100+ online) came to similar conclusions at our “ReThink Origins” panel discussion featuring Dr.s’ Fuz Rana (Reasons To Believe), Marcus Ross (Liberty University), and Josh Swamidass (Peaceful Science).Don’t get me wrong. The ReThink315 team and I have strong opinions of our own regarding Genesis and origins and, now more than ever, we’re convinced that we should debate all the various perspectives and positions. But, at the same time, we are also convinced that we should not divide over these various perspectives and positions. I explained why in my closing remarks on Friday.

If you couldn’t make it to the big event, don’t worry! The full video CAN BE SEEN RIGHT HERE. 

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