Dearest friend(s),

In 2010 I transitioned out of the for-profit sector and helped launch a faith-based non-profit seeking to train college bound Christian teens in apologetics. As the Executive Director, I planned 10 summer camps, 10 fundraising dinners, and over 100 church and school events.

From 2010 – 2020, I noticed (and noted) the unique opportunities and challenges Millennials, Generation Z, and now, Generation Alpha are encountering. Much has changed in 10 years and I’m convinced that we need to “ReThink” our approach to apologetics and evangelism in terms of how we’re attempting to train, retain, and reach young people.

That said, I’m excited to announce another transition and a new organization I’m launching with a team of like-minded and familiar friends. We’re calling it ReThink315 (see 1 Peter 3:15) and we’re working hard to raise $125,000 to launch this unique ministry in 2021. Here’s what we’re all about:

Our Mission: To increase the number of Christians confidently sharing their faith and to reduce the number of professing Christians, particularly our young people, leaving the church due to unanswered questions. 

Our Vision: We envision a world where more Christians are participating in evangelistic conversations, offering better answers to difficult questions, and are engaging non-believers and struggling believers with gentleness and respect.  

Our Values: We value in person evangelism, apologetics, and outreach focused efforts that take seriously Peter’s call in its entirety and we value pastors, parents, and Christian educators who lead the charge.

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In grace,

Jeremy R. Smith
Founder, Executive Director