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“It’s no secret. More youth groups, Christian schools, and outreach ministries are interested in Christian apologetics. However, popular apologetics and evangelism tends to focus on a narrow set of cultural assumptions, questions, and propositions. Instead of offering canned answers to the questions we hope young people are asking, here at ReThink315, we prefer to identify and address the questions they are actually asking. With that in mind, we take a consultative approach to leadership training and event partnerships with churches, schools, and other Christian groups. Whether it’s a survey, an outreach event, or a staff training, our team will custom tailor a plan of action that makes sense to you in your unique context.”   

Jeremy R. Smith
Founder, Executive Director


Our big “IDEA” approach:


Inquire and investigate.
Determine the best course of action.
Equip pastors, parents, and students.
Apply everything we learn in the real world.

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