Our second annual ReThink315 student retreat will be 4 days and 3 nights of rest, reflection, and “rethinking” apologetics and evangelism in light of 1 Peter 3:15. In addition to relevant discussions with nationally recognized authors and speakers, students and staff alike will benefit from extended prayer walks, intentional quiet time, and acoustic worship with Clayton Jones emphasizing “resting in Christ” and “reflecting on Christ”. 

The Todd Hall Retreat Center is a tranquil venue located just outside of St. Louis in Columbia, IL. (Only 11 miles S/E of South County Mall, St. Louis.) 



 Retreat Details:

– Retreat Dates: June 24-27, 2022 (4 days, 3 nights)

– Retreat Location: Todd Hall Retreat Center

– Age Range: 16-20 (Ask about exceptions)

– Retreat Scholarships and Discounts

– Retreat Cost: $300 Per Student

– COVID Guidelines

2022 Retreat Topics:

Friday, June 24

The Historical Jesus: 
Liar, Lunatic, Legend, or Lord? Choose One.
(Panel Discussion With: Dr. Chris Gadsden, Dr. Matt Heckel, Dr. Mike McClymond, Shane Rosenthal, & Cordell Schulten)

Anxiety, Depression, & Trauma: 

Hoping & Coping, Naturally & Supernaturally
(Panel Discussion With: Gina Birkemeier, Cathy Downen, & Dr. Matt Heckel)

Saturday, June 25

Why Trust The Bible? 
Copies, Canon, & Textual Criticism
(Panel Discussion With: Dr. Mike Farley, Shane Rosenthal, Cordell Schulten, & Conway Wong)

Science is a Tool, Not the Toolbox:
The Scope & Limitations of Scientific Inquiry
(Panel Discussion With: Zachary Klein, Dr. Andrew Shaw, George Vicari, & Dr. Ken Wolgemuth) 

The Rise & Fall of Pastoral Trust: 

Hope & Healing for Wounded Sheep & Fallen Leaders 
(Panel Discussion With: Will DuVal, Dr. Mike Farley, Dr. Rachel Ferguson, & John Richardson)

Sunday, June 26

Nightbirde’s Suffering Song:
Can God Still Be Good In Light of Suffering & Death? 
(Panel Discussion With: Dr. Mike Carper, Dr. Rachel Ferguson, Emily McCarty, & Jason Wilkins)

Follow The Leader:
Christian Leadership vs Corporate Leadership
(Panel Discussion With: Herman Armstrong, Randy Larson, Dr. Joe Miller, Dr. Nate Salah, &  Jeannie Seabaugh)

Do You Believe in Miracles? 

Discerning Revivals, Healings, & Supernatural Gifts
(Panel Discussion With: Dr. Mike McClymond, Dr Joe Miller, Shane Rosenthal, & Jason Wilkins)

Monday, June 27

Let’s (Not) Talk About Sex: 

How About Theology of The Body, Identity Anchors, & Human Flourishing Instead? 
(Panel Discussion With: Dr. Lawrence Feingold, Dr. Joe Miller, Jannique Stewart, & Letitia Wong)

Not Your Grandma’s Evangelism: 
The American Mission Field Changed. Why Haven’t We?
(Panel Discussion With: Mark Ryan, Dr. Lawrence Feingold, & TBA) 

Parent Night Presentation
(Daniel DeFonce, Jeremy Smith, & Mark P. Ryan)

2022 Retreat Speakers:

Herman C. Armstrong
Restore Saint Louis, Westminster Christian Academy

Gina Birkemeier, MA, LPC, NCC, (PhD Candidate)
Award winning author, Generations Deep

Luke Bobo, PhD

Michael Carper, PhD
Fontbonne University

Cathy Downen, MA, MA, LPC, NCC, (PhD Candidate)
Christian Counseling Connection, ReThink315 Board

Will DuVal, MDIV
The Gospel Coalition, West Hills Church

Rev. Michael Farley, MDIV, PhD
Central Presbyterian Church, The Carver Project

Dr. Lawrence Feingold, STD, STL
Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, St. Louis, MO

Rachel Ferguson, PhD
Concordia Chicago, ReThink315 Board

Chris Gadsden, PhD
Ground Belief, CRU

Steve Grimes
Missouri Association of Creation

Matthew Heckel, PhD
Heritage Classical Christian Academy

Kyle Keating, MDIV
Providence Classical Christian Academy

Zachary Klein
Missouri Association of Creation

Randy Larson, JD, LLM, CFP
ReThink315 Board

Emily McCarty, (PhD Candidate)
Saint Louis University

Michael McClymond, MA, PhD
Saint Louis University, ReThink315 Board

Dr. J.R. Miller, PhD
Center for Cultural Apologetics

John Richardson, MDIV
Level Path Ministries, First Free Church

Shane Rosenthal, MA
The Humble Skeptic Podcast

Mark P. Ryan, MA, MDIV
The Francis Schaeffer Institute, Covenant Theological Seminary, ReThink315 Board

Nate Salah, PhD
Great Summit

Cordell Schulten, MA, JD
Missouri Baptist University, ReThink315 Board

Jeannie Seabaugh
ReThink315 Board

Andrew D. Shaw, PhD
Westminster Christian Academy

Jeremy R. Smith
ReThink315, Founder & Executive Director

Jannique Stewart
Life Training Institute

George Vicari
Reasons To Believe

Jason Wilkins, MDIV
Westminster Christian Academy

Ken Wolgemuth, PhD
Solid Rock Lectures, Reasons To Believe (Visiting Scholar)

Conway Wong
Reasonable Faith

Letitia Wong
Frederick Douglass Foundation 


"I travel and meet people in ministry around the world, and I can tell you that Jeremy Smith is a rare guy. He has a heart for the next generation, a love for the local church, and the experience to help people who love students to more effectively reach and disciple them. I expect great things from Jeremy and the team at ReThink315."

— Sean McDowell, Ph.D.
Author, Speaker, Associate Professor of Christian Apologetics at Biola University

"If you found out that 75% of your current customers left for a competitor, would that cause you to rethink your approach? Well, that’s how many young people leave the church, often because they don’t get adequate answers to their questions... I can’t recommend the ReThink315 team highly enough!"
— Frank Turek, Ph.D. 
Author, Speaker, Founder and President of

"Jeremy Smith has years of valuable experience in this critical area of preparing the next generation to stand firm in their faith. The challenges of an often hostile secular culture will only get stronger with time, so I’m thrilled to see Jeremy and his team form this exciting vision for attacking the challenges head-on!"

— Natasha Crain
Speaker and Author of three apologetics books for parents, including Talking with Your Kids about Jesus

"The mission of the church is clear: go and make disciples. We need to raise up a new generation of disciples who not only heed Christ’s call, but can do so with truth and love in a world that is desperate for both. And that’s why we need more organizations like ReThink315."

— Brett Kunkle
Author, Speaker, Founder and President of MAVEN


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