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Would you like to book a free ReThink315 seminar or special event for your church, school, or group? Below are two talks ReThink315’s founder, Jeremy R. Smith, will happily deliver at no cost in person or digitally. It’s our gift to you! Contact us below for details and availability. 

Talk Title 1: ReThink Evangelism and Christian Apologetics
Description: The “Rethink Evangelism and Christian Apologetics” seminar suggests that loving your neighbor generally and evangelism specifically will likely involve answering tough questions, addressing deep doubts, and engaging in apologetics related discussions.Being an evangelist/apologist and doing evangelism/apologetics is inseparable from outreach and discipleship. However, you don’t have to be an acclaimed academic or a skilled debater to love your neighbor and engage in meaningful evangelistic conversations. The “Rethink Evangelism and Christian Apologetics” seminar unpacks and demystifies the terms “evangelism” and “apologetics” and encourages Christians to relate to others not as salespeople, stuffy academics, or adversarial debaters, but as loving neighbors.

Talk Title 2: ReThink Your Personal Testimony
Description: The “Rethink Your Personal Testimony” seminar highlights Jeremy’s unique and unlikely conversion experience and emphasizes the strength of your personal testimony as a type of evidence for the Christian faith. Loving your neighbor, Jeremy suggests, often includes sharing your personal testimony as a precursor to the gospel. However, there are a few pitfalls we Christians need to avoid when sharing our testimony to make sure Jesus is the focus, not us, and to be sure redemption is the promised gift, not a comfortable and easy life.

To book an free event or seminar, use Our Contact Form.

*Free will offerings to ReThink315 are received with thanks but never asked for or expected.
*Travel and accommodation expenses may apply.
*Ticket sales are not usually permitted.
*Covid-19 restrictions may apply. 



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Would you like to book a more formal or ticketed event with other ReThink315 Speakers? We will work closely with you to uncover and address the specific questions and doubts of your audience be it church, school, or other Christian group. Contact us here for details and availability.

Core Topics Include:

– The Bible: Do we have accurate copies and honest authors?
– Genesis and Creation: Does science contradict or complement Christian creation accounts?
– Jesus: What did Jesus actually say and do? How do we know?
– The Resurrection: Was it a true historical event supported by evidence? Why does this matter?
– The Gospel: What exactly is “the good news” and why is it important to get it right?
– Morality and Ethics: What’s the basis for a moral society? Says who?
– Christian Sexual Ethics: Are traditional Christian sexual ethics unrealistic and outdated?
– Dealing With Doubts: No, you’re not weird. Yes, you’re probably still a Christian.
– Evil & Suffering: Is the reality of evil and suffering a threat to the Christian view of God? 

Cultural Topics Include: 
– Evangelism Today: What’s helpful? What’s hurtful? What’s the big deal?
– Post-Modern? Post-Truth? Post-Christian? Making sense of our cultural moment.
– Atheism and Agnosticism: What do atheists and agnostics actually believe? What can we learn from them?
– Christianity and MentalHealth: A Christian response to anxiety, depression, and questions about medication.
– Celebrity Culture and Christianity: How American idolatry invaded our most sacred spaces.
– Dissecting Deconversion Stories: Why are so many pastors, musicians, and others leaving the faith?
– Is Truth Relative? Can something be true for me but not for you?
– Christianity and Social Media: Navigating the digital landscape with confidence and caution.
– LGBT[Q]uestions???: A Christian response to the new sexual revolution.
– What is Christian Universalism? Is it dangerous? Is it compatible with historic Christianity?
– What is Progressive Christianity? Is it dangerous? Is it compatible with historic Christianity?
– What is Critical Race Theory? Is it dangerous? Is it compatible with historic Christianity?
– Failure and Forgiveness: When Christian leaders fall short and let us down. 

Conversational Tactics Include: 
– Question Based Apologetics & Evangelism: How asking better questions leads to better answers.
– Disagreeing Agreeably: Navigating differences of opinion in a hyper-polarized age.
– Reclaiming Rhetoric: Reimagining the art of Christian persuasion. 

And more! 

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We’d be happy to discuss new topic ideas with you! Use the Contact Form on this page to reach us. 

To book a special event, use Our Contact Form.


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