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“For over 10 years I’ve been leading small groups and training small group leaders. I’ve trained students, adults, parents, and pastors to incorporate apologetics into their outreach endeavors not like attorneys or debaters, but like loving neighbors and curious conversationalists. Christians all over our city have been equipped and some churches and ministries have even formed their own small groups using a curriculum my friend, Vince Hall, and I adapted from The C.S. Lewis Institute (with permission). I know I can speak for ‘Vinny’ when I say we never imagined the impact our little experiment would have. To God be the glory!”

–Jeremy R. Smith
Founder, Executive Director 

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“[This small group format] helped members of our church become much more confident to engage in spiritual conversations with friends. The teaching was done with contagious energy and good humor, and the practical role-playing exercises equipped participants to apply what we were learning in a safe and supportive environment. We plan to make this a regular part of our church’s training in outreach. I highly recommend this training for Christians who want to learn to share their faith in Christ with both truth and grace in equal measure.”
– Rev. Dr. Michael Farley
Central Presbyterian Church, St. Louis Missouri

“Jeremy Smith is an iconic communicator and group discussion facilitator. Whether he is one on one or with a group, with adults or students, he speaks the truth in a very relational and caring way. The messages he brings to his sessions are phenomenal. They can change the trajectory of people’s lives. C.B.M.C. is using Jeremy to speak to our men and equip them to think about what they believe and why they believe it.”
— Stan Bower
Speaker, Disciple Maker, Area Director of CBMC, DFW

“God desires for His people to be witnesses inside and outside of the church. Jeremy led two separate 12 week [small groups] for laypeople and leaders. Everyone left those sessions feeling more confident connecting with people outside the church. While Jeremy is great at modeling relationship building and teaching inquisitive dialogue, I truly appreciate his heart for Jesus and for empowering others to share the gospel.”
— Ben Tzeng
Pastor of Evangelism and Community at C.P.C., St. Louis, MO

“Before participating in this group, I always felt nervous around my non-Christian friends. I was genuinely concerned that a difficult question would arise and I would misrepresent the truth at a critical moment. After participating in Jeremy’s small group, however, I feel much more prepared for challenging questions, and perhaps more importantly, I am truly at peace in the company of non-believers.”
– Participant

“The group deeply explored how Christians can engage non-believers in personal, respectful conversations. Each topic covered was very relevant and very well discussed. I learned how to answer questions with questions, like Jesus did; I was assured that I don’t always have to provide the right answers or perfect explanation- the Holy Spirit will work through me as I continue to engage with people, always recognizing the image of God in them.”
– Participant

“I just wanted to share the fruit that has been borne from the small group with Jeremy. After the group I looked for opportunities to practice what I learned, asking questions about people’s faith… I didn’t have to look far and I have been able to practice ‘conversational apologetics’ with my neighbors. We have had some great conversations. I am now much more comfortable asking questions about others’ faith and conversing about my own since I attended your group. Thank you for helping equip me to spread the Gospel.”
– Participant

“Thank you for helping me to get over my ‘political correctness’. The small group made the subject matter of evangelism conversational and loving. The discussions and role-playing also made me feel closer to other participants than to any other small groups I’ve attended before. Keep up your good work.”
– Participant
“The small group grew my faith and gave me confidence in sharing it. It prepared me for real life situations and provided well researched material for study. I loved that what we learned was applied in weekly exercises. While the evangelism role-playing exercises were at first extremely challenging they became my favorite part of the group and helped me grow the most.”
– Participant


Our big “IDEA” approach:


Inquire and investigate.
Determine the best course of action.
Equip pastors, parents, and students.
Apply everything we learn in the real world.

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