“More churches, youth groups, schools, and ministries are interested in training their staff and students in Christian apologetics and evangelism. This is an encouraging trend. However, popular Christian apologetics and evangelism tends to focus on a narrow set of questions and answers. Instead of offering canned answers and dated scripts, now more than ever, we Christians need to “ReThink” our approach to to apologetics and evangelism. We offer consulting services and small group training for your staff and volunteers that will equip them to handle the unique questions and objections common to your specific group.” 

–Jeremy R. Smith

Founder, Executive Director 

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Endorsements & Feedback:

“We have been blessed to have Jeremy share with some of our young adults in a smaller setting and with all ages during all of our weekend worship services. My observation has been people of all ages have been eager to hear more from him. I have been impressed by his wisdom, humility, confidence, and clarity in sharing a grace-filled defense of the Christian faith with wonderful cultural sensitivity on a variety of difficult subjects. We look forward to partnering with him in the future!” 
— John Brunette, Lead Pastor at Faith Oakville, MO

“I travel and meet people in ministry around the world, and I can tell you that Jeremy Smith is a rare guy. He has a heart for the next generation, a love for the local church, and the experience to help people who love students to more effectively reach and disciple them. I expect great things from Jeremy and the team at ReThink315.”

— Sean McDowell, Ph.D.
Author, Speaker, Associate Professor of Christian Apologetics at Biola University

“If you found out that 75% of your current customers left for a competitor, would that cause you to rethink your approach? Well, that’s how many young people leave the church, often because they don’t get adequate answers to their questions or any evidence for Christianity. Jeremy Smith is helping churches and pastors all over St. Louis to rethink and reinvigorate their ministry to young people. I can’t recommend Jeremy and the ReThink315 team highly enough!”

Frank Turek, Ph.D.
Author, Speaker, Founder and President of

“Jeremy led two separate 12 week equipping classes for laypeople and leaders here at our church. Everyone left those sessions feeling more confident connecting with people outside the church. While Jeremy is great at modeling relationship building and teaching inquisitive dialogue, I truly appreciate his heart for Jesus and for empowering others to share the gospel.”

— Ben Tzeng
Pastor of Evangelism at Central Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, MO

Read more endorsements and referrals here.

Our big “IDEA” approach:


Inquire and investigate.
Determine the best course of action.
Equip pastors, parents, and students.
Apply everything we learn in the real world.

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