Here you’ll find independent video resources containing quick answers (5 mins or less) to common questions about Christianity. Consider this a pre-screened video repository for parents, pastors, educators, and students. New videos added periodically. 
Disclaimer: ReThink315 does not necessarily agree with every word ever said or written by these men and women. As always, use your best judgment and test everything in light of God’s written word. 

Quick Video Answers to Common Questions About…

Jesus’ Resurrection

Dr. Gary Habermas

Is there any evidence supporting Jesus’ literal and bodily resurrection? In this video, historian and philosopher Dr. Gary Habermas provides an overview of the evidence for the Resurrection agreed upon by virtually all NT scholars and historians including non-Christians.

Dr. Theodore Cabal

What historical proof or evidence is there that supports the claim that Jesus really rose from the dead? In this video, Dr. Theodore Cabal answers this question offering various evidences. 

Dr. Nicholas Thomas Wright

How did people in the first century understand and explain the resurrection? In this video, Dr. Wright explains the historic context surrounding Jesus’ resurrection.


Dr. John Lennox

Do you ever deal with doubts? In this video, Dr. Lennox addresses this question openly and honestly and explains why not all doubts are bad. Doubts and questions can be, Lennox argues, healthy and helpful.

Dr. Nicholas Thomas Wright

Is doubt compatible with faith? In this video, Dr. Wright explains how faith and doubt are not unlike love and grief. They are, in essence, opposite sides of the same thing.

Dr. Tim Keller

Have you ever experienced anything supernatural that wasn’t somehow shadowed by doubt? In this video, the late Dr. Keller honestly addresses his skeptical nature and explains how a cumulative case for Christianity helps keep our doubts in check.

The Problem of Evil & Suffering

Dr. Eleonore Stump

Does evil disprove God? The problem of evil troubles skeptics and believers alike. Philosophers of religion offer ‘defenses’ (no logical contradiction between evil and God’s existence) and ‘theodicies’ (complete systems explaining why God allows evil). In this video, Dr. Eleonore Stump offers answers for consideration.

Reasonable Faith (Animated)

In light of all the evil and suffering in the world, how can God be all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-good? Is this a logical contradiction? In this video, the team at Reasonable Faith answer this question with gentleness and respect.

Dr. Alvin Plantinga

Philosophers and theologians, both ancient and contemporary, have offered many different ‘defenses’ and ‘theodicies’ in response to the problem of evil and suffering. In this video, Dr. Alvin Plantinga explains the differences between the two and offers answers of his own.



Rachael Denhollander

Are forgiveness and justice incompatible? In this video, attorney and sexual abuse survivor, Rachael Denhollander, explores the relationship between justice and forgiveness. Note: This video contains brief references to sexual assault.

Pastor Voddie Baucham

Are there differences between contemporary views on social justice and historical views on biblical justice? In this video, Pastor Baucham contrasts the key difference between social justice and biblical justice.

The Bible Project

What exactly is justice and how do we define it? In this video, the Biblical definition of Justice is explained and we explore how Judeo-Christian ethics, not secular humanism, anchors our ideas about justice.

Patriarchy & Misogyny

Dr. Esau McCaulley

Does The Bible prohibit women from speaking in church? What exactly was Paul talking about in those isolated verses? In this video, Dr. McCaulley answers these questions and more.

Dr. Rebecca McLaughlin

Were Jesus’ teachings the product of a male-centered culture? Does historic Christianity marginalize and objectify women? In this video, Dr. Rebecca McLaughlin explores tthese questions and more.

Let Me Explain This (Animated)

Was The Apostle Paul a misogynist and a woman hater? Were his writings viewed as oppressive to women in his 1st century context? In this video, these questions about Paul are addressed.


LGBTQ… Issues

Sam Allberry

What can Christianity possibly offer to transgender persons? In this video, Sam Allberry offers a biblical response to the unique issues of transgenderism in our day. Sam’s response includes a unique understanding, a unique compassion, and a unique hope.

Dr. Tim Keller

Does God send people to hell for being gay? In this video, Dr. Tim Keller explains how bad works don’t exactly send people to hell just as good works don’t exactly send people to heaven. What we do or don’t do with Jesus, not our good or bad works, is the central message of the gospel.

Rosaria Butterfield

Can we love our neighbors without approving of all their lifestyle choices? In this video, Rosaria Butterfield explains why it is silly to conflate lifestyle approval with unconditional love using real world examples from everyday life.


The Bible (New Testament)

J. Warner Wallace

Why would anyone believe the New Testament is telling us anything we can trust about Jesus? Is there a way we can test and communicate the reliability of the New Testament to others? In this video, homicide detective, Jim Wallace, makes his case.

Dr. Mike Licona

Are New Testament Gospels reliable sources for historical information about Jesus? In this video, Dr. Mike Licona provides reasons why the New Testament Gospels may be regarded as historically reliable accounts of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Dr. William Lane Craig

Are the New Testament Gospels mythological or historical? In this video, Dr. William Lane Craig talks with John Anderson about the revolution of biblical scholarship no longer comparing the gospels with mythology but instead with archaeological and eyewitness testimony.



Reasonable Faith (Animated)

Everything that begins to exist has a cause. Is it reasonable to conclude there are an infinite number of beginnings and an infinite number of causes or is an “uncaused first cause” necessary? In this video, The Kalam Cosmological Argument is presented in an easy-to-understand format.

Dr. Sahar Joakim

Does design imply designer? Does purpose point to a personal creator? In this video, Dr. Sahar Joakim briefly explains The Teleological Argument as philosophical support for God.

Reasonable Faith (Animated)

Does the fine tuning we see in the universe and in all living things point to a designer or creator? In this video, The Fine-Tuning Argument is presented in an easy-to-understand format.

The Gospel

Dr. Nicholas Thomas Wright

What is the gospel? Evangelion, the word we translate as Gospel, was a common enough word in the ancient world. So what exactly is the good news of the Kingdom of God and what does this mean for us? In this video, Dr. Wright unpacks the ‘good news’ in its first century context.

Dr’s R.C. Sproul & Sinclair Ferguson

What is the gospel? In this video, Dr’s R.C. Sproul and Sinclair Ferguson explain how the gospel is not primarily about purpose, meaning, personal peace, or God’s plan for your life. The gospel is primarily about Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, and return.

Pastor Jeff Durbin

What is the gospel? In this video, Jeff Durbin from Apologia Church passionately answers this question and shares the most important message you or anyone else will ever hear.



More Videos Coming Soon…


ReThink315 Videos

Sanctity of Life Sunday 2023 

Featuring: Guest Speaker Jeremy Smith, ReThink315 Founder, Executive Director. Hosted by: West County Assembly of God Church, Chesterfield, MO.

ReThink Origins: Science & Faith (Panel Discussion)

Featuring: Fazale Rana, PhD (Reasons To Believe), Marcus Ross, PhD (Center For Creation Studies, Liberty University), S. Joshua Swamidass, MD, PhD (Washington University, Peaceful Science). Moderated by: Jeannie Seabaugh, ReThink315. Opening & closing remarks by: Jeremy Smith, ReThink315. Hosted by Grace Union Church, St Louis MO.
Prone To Wander: Why Are Young People Kissing Christianity Goodbye?

Featuring: Mark P. Ryan (The Francis Schaeffer Institute, Covenant Theological Seminary, ReThink315) and Jeremy Smith (ReThink315). 2021 ReThink315 Student Retreat Session #2: Prone To Wander: Why So Many Young People Are Kissing Christianity Goodbye. 
The “Hot Seat” (Panel Discussion)

Featuring: ReThink315 friends Rachel Ferguson Ph.D, Chris Gadsden Ph.D, Kyle Keating MDIV, and Michael McClymond Ph.D. Moderated by:  Jeremy R. Smith. Hosted By: Hope Christian Church, Columbia, IL.
Rethink Sex & Sexuality (Panel Discussion)

Featuring: Fr. William Dotson (St. Charles Borromeo), Kyle Keating (PCA, PCCA), & Jannique Stewart (Life Training Institute). Hosted By: Grace Union Church, St Louis, MO.

ReThink Giving Tuesday

Featuring: Jeremy Smith. The obligatory #GivingTuesday 2020 fundraising appeal. Click Here to make a donation.

ReThink Christian Apologetics (and Christian Apologists) Featuring Jeremy Smith.

Intro & Review 2:34 Common words and topics associated with Christian Apologetics. 6:23 Defining and redefining (ReThinking) the term Apologetics 8:59 Does Jesus need an attorney? 12:49 Different contexts = Different questions. 17:26 Most of us are already practicing Apologetics, we just don’t call it Apologetics. 22:29 Are we living lives worthy of questions and do we love our neighbors enough to answer them.

Thanks to Faith Ascent, Intro to ReThink315, and a word on Apologetics.

Featuring Jeremy Smith. Intro 2:30 Thanks to Faith Ascent. 3:30 What’s next for Jeremy Smith? 4:28 About ReThink315. 6:30 Why a new ministry? 10:15 A word on “ReThinking” Christian Apologetics.

ReThink 315 Panel Night

Panel discussion featuring Kyle Keating (Providence Classical Christian Academy), Dr. Mike McClymond (Saint Louis University), and Shane Rosenthal (The Humble Skeptic). Moderated by Jeremy Smith (ReThink315).

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