ReThink Origins: Science & Faith (Panel Discussion)
Featuring: Fazale Rana, PhD (Reasons To Believe), Marcus Ross, PhD (Center For Creation Studies, Liberty University), S. Joshua Swamidass, MD, PhD (Washington University, Peaceful Science). Moderated by: Jeannie Seabaugh, ReThink315. Opening & closing remarks by: Jeremy Smith, ReThink315. Hosted by Grace Union Church, St Louis MO.

Prone To Wander: Why Are Young People Kissing Christianity Goodbye?
Featuring Mark P. Ryan (The Francis Schaeffer Institute, Covenant Theological Seminary, ReThink315) and Jeremy Smith (ReThink315). 2021 ReThink315 Student Retreat Session #2: Prone To Wander: Why So Many Young People Are Kissing Christianity Goodbye. 

The “Hot Seat” (Panel Discussion)
Featuring ReThink315 friends Rachel Ferguson Ph.D, Chris Gadsden Ph.D, Kyle Keating MDIV, and Michael McClymond Ph.D. Moderated by ReThink315 founder, Jeremy R. Smith. Big thanks to Online Campus Pastor, Josh Boyer and Senior Pastor, Darrell Jones at Hope Christian Church in Columbia, IL for sponsoring this event! 

Rethink Sex & Sexuality (Panel Discussion) 
Featuring Fr. William Dotson (St. Charles Borromeo), Kyle Keating (PCA, PCCA), & Jannique Stewart (Life Training Institute). NOTE: Due to the sensitive (but not graphic) nature of the topics we’re likely to address, we suggest parents use their best judgment before registering students under high school age.

ReThink Giving Tuesday
Featuring Jeremy Smith. The obligatory #GivingTuesday 2020 fundraising appeal. Click Here to make a donation. 

ReThink Christian Apologetics (and Christian Apologists)
Featuring Jeremy Smith. Intro & Review 2:34 Common words and topics associated with Christian Apologetics. 6:23 Defining and redefining (ReThinking) the term Apologetics 8:59 Does Jesus need an attorney? 12:49 Different contexts = Different questions. 17:26 Most of us are already practicing Apologetics, we just don’t call it Apologetics. 22:29 Are we living lives worthy of questions and do we love our neighbors enough to answer them? 23:58 Please don’t hear something I’m NOT saying! 

Thanks to Faith Ascent, Intro to ReThink315, and a word on Apologetics. 
Featuring Jeremy Smith. Intro 2:30 Thanks to Faith Ascent. 3:30 What’s next for Jeremy Smith? 4:28 About ReThink315. 6:30 Why a new ministry? 10:15 A word on “ReThinking” Christian Apologetics.  

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