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ReThinking Christian Apologetics (and Christian Apologists)
Intro & Review 2:34 Common words and topics associated with Christian Apologetics. 6:23 Defining and redefining (ReThinking) the term Apologetics 8:59 Does Jesus need an attorney? 12:49 Different contexts = Different questions. 17:26 Most of us are already practicing Apologetics, we just don’t call it Apologetics. 22:29 Are we living lives worthy of questions and do we love our neighbors enough to answer them? 23:58 Please don’t hear something I’m NOT saying! 

Thanks to Faith Ascent, Intro to ReThink315, and a word on Apologetics. 
Intro 2:30 Thanks to Faith Ascent. 3:30 What’s next for Jeremy Smith? 4:28 About ReThink315. 6:30 Why a new ministry? 10:15 A word on “ReThinking” Christian Apologetics.  

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