The “Hot Seat” Panel Discussion

Hope Christian Church put four ReThink315 speakers in the “Hot Seat” to answer live questions from their virtual audience. The panel featured ReThink315 friends Rachel Ferguson Ph.D, Chris Gadsden Ph.D, Kyle Keating MDIV, and Michael McClymond Ph.D. and was moderated by ReThink315 founder, Jeremy R. Smith. Big thanks to Online Campus Pastor, Josh Boyer and Senior Pastor, Darrell Jones for sponsoring this event! Intro, 8:05 Panelist Introductions, 28:33 Why are Christians so divided over politics? How did we get here? What’s the best way forward? 41:01 You [Chris] said you were once an atheist. What were some of the more compelling evidences for God? What convinced you that God was real? 44:38 Was there a particular philosophical argument for God that convinced you [Chris]? 50:39 How did American views on sex ethics and gender norms change so rapidly? What’s a proper Christian response? 59:49 How can churches be more welcoming and better minister to same sex attracted Christians? 1:06:06 Do same sex attracted Christians have unique insights into celibacy, fighting sin, and personal holiness? 1:09:44 Has the American church lost touch with her primary task? 1:13:26 What convinced you that the Bible is reliable and trustworthy? 1:25:14 What makes Judeo / Christian ethics and morality so unique? 1:27:24 Are traditional Christian teachings about women empowering or oppressive? 1:31:14 Are traditional Christian sex ethics ultimately helpful or hurtful to society? 1:35:01 How can Christians address issues of racism without being extreme? Why does it seem like it’s hard for white Christians to come to terms with America’s and the church’s checkered past? Is there a way forward? 1:48:25 What is unique about Jesus? 1:56:53 Do the panelists have anything to announce or promote? 2:03:23 How can I support ReThink315? [ ]

ReThink315 Giving Tuesday Appeal
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ReThinking Christian Apologetics (and Christian Apologists)
Intro & Review 2:34 Common words and topics associated with Christian Apologetics. 6:23 Defining and redefining (ReThinking) the term Apologetics 8:59 Does Jesus need an attorney? 12:49 Different contexts = Different questions. 17:26 Most of us are already practicing Apologetics, we just don’t call it Apologetics. 22:29 Are we living lives worthy of questions and do we love our neighbors enough to answer them? 23:58 Please don’t hear something I’m NOT saying! 

Thanks to Faith Ascent, Intro to ReThink315, and a word on Apologetics. 
Intro 2:30 Thanks to Faith Ascent. 3:30 What’s next for Jeremy Smith? 4:28 About ReThink315. 6:30 Why a new ministry? 10:15 A word on “ReThinking” Christian Apologetics.  

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