Natural Theology Today: A Dinner Conversation With Dr. William Lane Craig

On Sept 9, 2023 we had an intimate dinner discussion with Dr. William Lane Craig, the author, philosopher, and Christian apologist who, according to Sam Harris, puts “the fear of God” into all of his atheist colleagues.

Dr. Michael McClymond, author, professor, and ReThink315 advisor conducted a wonderful interview asking Dr. Craig questions about his journey into the world of apologetics and early motivators, his debate history including unanswered challenges from prominent atheists, and so much more. The audience asked questions of their own about arguments for God’s existence, predestination and free will, and other inquiries about Craig’s mission and ministry.

Your hosts, ReThink315 and local Reasonable Faith Chapter Directors, Bruce Clark and Conway Wong, are so glad you joined us at the Missouri Athletic Club for this special event!

Missouri Athletic Club

The Missouri Athletic Club (MAC), established in 1903, will serve as our venue for this very special dinner on Sept. 9th. We appreciate our friend, Larry Absheer (CFO), and all the wonderful MAC staff.


405 Washington Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63102


Parking:  Garage parking ($5) on the north side of MAC on Lucas, between Broadway and 4th St. Street parking is also available but limited. 

Attire:  Semi formal or “cocktail” attire is appropriate. Dress for the occasion but don’t stress over it. 

Date:  Saturday, September 9, 2023

Time:   7 – 9 PM Central  (Doors open at 6:30 PM)

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